Sabino De Sandoli, OFM

Foreword --- Cover Page

Selected Bibliography

I Historical perspective

- 1 Jewish-Christian Period (33-135)

- 2 Pagan-Roman Period (135-326)

- 3 The Constantinian and Byzantine Period (326-638)

- 4 Arab Period of the Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids (638-1071)

- 5 First Seljuk Turkish Period (1071-1098)

- 6 The Brief Egyptian-Arab Period (1098-1099)

- 7 First Crusader Period (1099-1187)

- 8 Second Egyptian-Arab Period: the Ayyubids (1187-1229)

- 9 Second Crusader Period (1229-1239)

-10 Transjordan-Arab Period (1239-1241)

-11 Third Crusader Period (1241-1244)

-12 Third Egyptian-Arab Period (1244-1291)

II The Negotiations of the King of Naples with the Sultan of Cairo (1291-1342)

- 1 The Seeds of Hope

- 2 The Right Way to Bring Back Christian Worship to the Holy Places

- 3 The Georgians

- 4 Attempts of the Western Christians or the Franks

- 5 The Official Bilateral Negotiations between the Kingdom of Naples and the Sultan of Cairo

- 6 The Results of the Negotiations at Cairo

- 7 Motives for the Delay and the Reasons of the Financial Costs

- 8 Motives which Guided the Sultan in the Transaction

- 9 Contemporary Documents of the Negotiations of the 1333

-10 The Testimony of Contemporary Pilgrims

- - a) Before the Negotiations of 1333

- - b) After the Negotiations of 1333

-11 The Clergy of the Eastern Rites at the Holy Places since 1333

III Franciscan Chronology of the Four Shrines during the Government
of the Mameluke Sultans (1333-1517)

- 1 The Grotto and Basilica of Nativity

- 2 The Church of the Tomb of the Madonna

- 3 The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

- 4 The Holy Cenacle


The four plans illustrating this volume are taken from: Fra Bernardino Amico, Plans of the Sacred Edifices of the Holy Land, Jerusalem 1953. This is the English edition of Trattato delle Piante e Imagini de Sacri Edifici di Terra Santa, Florence 1620. (engraver G. Callot).

The author wishes to thank Frs. G. Kloetzli and L. Wenig for their work in the English translation and also Frs. E. Alliata and G. C. Bottini for their interest in improving the text and in arranging the lay-out.

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