Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Folios 161 verso - 201 recto

  • Folio 161v - The Temptation of Christ

  • Folio 164r - The Canaanite Woman

  • Folio 166r - The Exorcism

  • Folio 168v - The Feeding of the Multitude

  • Folio 171r - The Raising of Lazarus

  • Folio 173v - The Entry into Jerusalem

  • Folio 182v - The Resurrection

  • Folio 184r - The Ascension

  • Folio 186r - Pentecost

  • Folio 188r - Christ Blessing the World

  • Folio 189v - The Communion of the Apostles

  • Folio 191v - The Madonna and the Child

  • Folio 193r - The Exaltation of the Cross

  • Folio 195r - The Mass of Saint Michael

  • Folio 197r - The Pope and His Cardinals

  • Folio 198v - A Page of Text

  • Folio 199r - A Page of Text

  • Folio 199v - A Funeral Service

  • Folio 201r - The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew

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