Pinacoteca Vaticana - V

Raphael Sanzio : The Transfiguration : Detail - 208K

The Transfiguration : Detail view - 191K

The Transfiguration : Small image - 42K

View of Room XII : Masterpieces of 17th century Roman painting - 156K

Caravaggio : Supper at Emmaus (1598-1600) : Left view - 45K

Supper at Emmaus : Right view - 26K
Caravaggio : Calling of Saint Matthew (1598-1599) - 47K

Giovanni Bellini : The Entombment - 75K

Caravaggio : Rest on the Flight to Egypt (1595-1596) - 32K

Rest on the Flight to Egypt : Detail - 82K
Leonardo da Vinci : Saint Jerome - 153K

Nicolas Poussin : Saint John on Patmos (c. 1644) - 53K

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