The Communist mass murderers who control the Chinese government have given in to international pressure and released Chinese-American scholar Harry Wu, after a typical Stalinist "trial". Thank you for your moral support!
Many thousands of pro-democracy fighters continue to be held in the horrendous Laogai jails and concentration camps. Hundreds (possibly thousands) of prisoners are sentenced to death and executed every year in order to remove their vital organs and sell them for organ transplants. Tens of millions of government mandated abortions are performed every year.
Communist China continues to be the worst human rights violator.
We ask for the moral support of all people of good will in our campaign for freedom and democracy in China!

Free HARRY WU! Please join the international campaign to free Chinese-American scholar and human rights activist Hongda Harry Wu. The Chinese Bureau for Public Security arrested Harry on June 19 at the Kazakhstan/Chinese border; he was carrying an American passport and a valid Chinese visa.
The Communist Chinese government has accused Harry of espionage for his successful campaign of documenting the inhumane practice of forcible removal of vital organs from live prisoners, who are subsequently "executed" by shooting. The transplant organs are sold by the Communist Chinese government on the illegal international human organs market, for an average price of $30,000 each.
Harry is a Stanford Research Fellow and the Executive Director of the Laogai Research Foundation in Milpitas, California. He has built a data base that includes information on over three thousand prisons and concentration camps that constitute the infamous "Laogai", the Chinese Gulag system.

  • Bitter Winds - 'A Memoir of My Years in China's Gulag' (excerpts from Harry Wu's autobiography, published by John Wiley & Sons),
  • Support Democracy in China,
  • Urgent Action by Amnesty International,
  • Harry Wu page by San Jose Mercury News.

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