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Uhlenbrock Philippe (1832-1860). This priest joined the Latin Patriarchate in 1858.

Uldalricus, Cellensis, St. He came to Palestine before 1052. (Vita S. Uldal., c. II, n. 15-18) (AA.SS. July 10)

Ulpianus, martyr in Tyre, Phoencia, in 304. Feast April 3 (AA.SS.)

Umberto Noni of Trieste. He painted three frescoes above the three altars in the Grotto of Arrest in Gethsemane. The grotto was cleaned after a flood of 1955. (Compare Mero Joseph)

Umberto of Savoia. As crown-prince he visited Jerusalem on April 1, 1928. He belongs to the Royal House of Savoie, which in 1333 had bought some sites on Mount Sion. To avoid this prince to pray in the Cenacle, on Holy Thursday, April 5, 1928, the prince was refused a longer visit to the Cenacle. Afterwards the Muslims erected inside the Cenacle a decorated mihrab (prayer niche). Umberto, ex-king of Italy, is the owner of the Shroud of Turin. He accorded permission in 1973 to Professor Gilbert Raes of the Textil Institute of Gent, to take a sample (13 x 40 mm) and another sample (10 x 40 mm) of the Shroud, for scientific investigation.

Umm el-Ruus (inscription) See: Amba Alo. (Revue Biblique, 7, 1898, p. 814; 8, 1899, p. 452-457)

Uniate Eastern Churches. Small groups from the Eastern Orthodox Churches returned to communion with the See of Rome. The most important group is the Uniat Greek Church (Melkite Church). The Melkites (Greek-Catholic) returned in 1709; the Syrian Catholics in 1662 the Armenian-Catholics in 1740; The Coptic Catholics in 1742 the Chaldaean Catholics in 1552.

U(nited) N(ations) 0(rganization). It proposed in 1949 an internationalization of Jerusalem. But the Jordanian Kingdom claimed himself the heir of the anterior governments (Turkish, British) and declined the internationalization.

University of Bethlehem. It began on Oct 1, 1973. The university is run by American members of the Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes.

UNRRA. This United Nations Refugees Relief Assistence has a storeroom above the ancient Birket el-Israel. The Pool is now filled in and the area, which is inside Stephen's Gate, has a parking and a shed for the distribution of flour.

Urban II, Pope (1088-1099), Blessed. At the Council of Clermont (1095) he promoted the first Crusade, by according an indulgence. His feast is on July 29.

Urbanus, one of the 70 disciples, bishop of Macedonia, according to the Greek list. The Martyr. Rom. has Ampliatus, Urbanus, and Narcissus on Oct 31: to these three Paul has greetings in his letter to the Romans (Rom 16, 13-12). The three were killed by the Jews and the Gentiles. (Compare: Amplias)

Uriel, the angel. He is saluted by the Ethiopian Synaxarium on Hamle 21 (the eleventh month, July 5-Aug 3).

Ursicinus, St., episcopus Senonensis. He visited Palestine, round 360 (AA.SS. July 24). (Officium S. Ursicini, n. 2-3)

Urso, archiepiscopus Barensis. He came to Palestine in 1088. (Johannes Barensis, Transi. S. Sabini, c. I, n. 2) (AA.SS. Feb 9)

Ursula, Saint and 11000 virgins, visited the Holy Land, round 445 (falsum). (AA.SS. Oct 21)

Ursulina Parmensis (of Parma), St. She came to Palestine in 1395. (Simon de Zanaccis, Vita S. Urs., c. IV, n. 31-32) (AA.SS. April 7)

U.S. Navy Expedition. The members visited Masada in 1848, they mistook the western approach for the 'snake path'.

Utudjian. He was in 1958 the architect of the Armenian Community for the repairing of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre.

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