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Qamicho. See: Ahadabui and Qamicho.

Qaraali Abdallah. He was born in Aleppo on Sept 8, 1672. He founded in 1696 the Lebanese Maronite Order of religious men, and he was elected Superior in 1700. He was also consecrated bishop of Beyrouth in 1716. He died on Jan 7, 1742, in Lebanon. Father Makhlouf Charbel, hermit, belonged to the Lebanese Maronite Order.

Quadratus. See: Codratus.

Quaresmius Francis. He was born in Lodi, Lombardy, 1583 or 1585. From December 1618 to August 1619 he represented the Custos of the Holy Land. Pope Urbanus VIII nominated him as Apostolic Nuntius for the Chaldean Christians in Syria. He died in Milan, Oct 25, 1656. His most famous book is 'Elucidatio Terrae Sanctae' (1626). The book has engravings of Bernardino Amico, who visited the Holy Land round 1596.

Qouloniyeh. The Arabic name of this village recalls the Colonia, founded there by Titus in 71 AD for 700 veterans. - According to Père Benoit, O.P., the Biblical Emmaus of Luke (24, 13-35) may correspond to Qouloniyeh, which is on the site of the Biblical Motza of Josuah 18, 27. The way, up and return, would correspond to the sixty stadia (seven miles). Qouloniyeh is northwest of Jerusalem.

Queen of Belgium. See: Elisabeth

Queen Millicent. See: Melisend.

Quiriacus, anchoret. He was born in Corinth in 448, visited Palestine in 466, and lived as anchoret in the monastery of St. Chariton. He died in 556. He had a church in Khirbet Fusail in the Jordan Valley. (Mart. Rom. Sept 29)

Quiriacus, (or Cynacus). Perhaps Judas Quiriacus, martyr in Jerusalem, 2nd cent. (AA.SS. March 17)

Quiriacus. See - Judas Quiriacus, 15th bishop of Jerusalem, round 134-138. The AA.SS. have the feast on May 4, and March 17. (Acta Apocrypha, latina)

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