Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

The Bible of the
Anonymous Pilgrim of Bordeaux


The Anonimous Pilgrim of Bordeaux makes in his memoirs a very extensive use of both Old and New Testament. Although an explicit reference to a biblical book is to be found only once (namely to the Prophet Isaias in [592]), many other biblical references are implicit in the itinerary. The Old Testament is quoted mainly in relation with New Testament memoirs or to stress points which were common amongs early christians writers as the sacrifice of Abraham's son Isaac, the Ladder of Jacob, the fate of Rahab the harlot, Rachel Tomb. This fact shows a clear christian attitude in the author of the itinerary.

A book icon () is employed in the Index below as a link to the actual texts. If a passage is present in more than one of the synoptical Gospels we will give preference to Matthew's because it was the most popular of the gospels in ancient times.

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