Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

Damascus Gate, the main gate of Jerusalem - Old City

Damascus Gate The main gate of Jerusalem is usually called "Damascus Gate" by western travellers, "Shaar Shechem (Shechem Gate)" in Hebrew and "Bab al-Amud (Gate of the Column)" in Arabic.
These are names full of history. Already the Anonimous Pilgrim of Bordeaux called this Gate "Porta Neapolitana (Gate of Neapolis - Nablus - Shechem)" and a big standing column is depicted there in the Madaba Mosaic Map.
The grey cupola to the right is that of the Anastasis while the golden cupola, to the left, is the Moslem "Dome of the Rock" which is built on the spot of the ancient Jewish Temple.

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