Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


Mosaic representation of a Roman cargo boat
A section of the Via Appia, in the vicinity of Rome
All roads lead to Rome

The Text: 10. From Valona to Rome
    Halt at Aulon (Valona). Sea passage [pct.34] - miles x.

    [609] Total from Heraclea (Eregli) through Macedonia to Aulon (Valona) 688 miles,58 changes, 25 halts.

    Crossing the sea, a thousand stadia, which makes a hundred miles, you come to Hydrontum (Hydruntum, Otranto), and halt a mile farther.

    Change at the twelfth milestone Halt at Clipeae (Lupiae, Lecce) - miles xiii.
    Change at Valentia
    (Baletium, Baleso) - miles xiii.
    City of Brindisium
    (Brundisium, Brindisi) - miles xi.
    Halt at Spilenees
    (Speluncae) - miles xiv.
    Change at the tenth milestone
    (Pto. Villa Nova) - miles xi.
    City of Leonatia
    (Gnatia, Egnatia, Agnazzo) - miles x.
    Change at Turres Aurilianae
    (San Vito) - miles xv.
    Change at Turres Julianae - miles ix.
    City of Beroes
    (Barium, Bari) - miles xi.
    Change at Butontones
    (Butuntum, Bitonto) - miles xi.
    [610] City of Rubi (Ruvo) - miles xi.
    Change at the fifteenth milestone - miles xv.
    City of Canusium
    (Canosa) - miles xv.
    Change at the eleventh milestone - miles xi.
    City of Serdonis
    (Herdonea, Ordona) - miles xv.
    City of Aecae
    (Troja) - miles xviii.
    Change at Aquilo - miles x.

    Frontier of Apulia and Campania.

    Halt at Equus Magnus (Equus Tuticus, S. Eleuterio) - miles viii.
    Change at the village of Fornum Novum
    (Forum Novum, Buonalbergo) - miles xii.
    City of Beneventum
    (Benevento) - miles x.
    City and halt at Claudii
    (Caudium, Casta Cauda) - miles xii.
    Change at Novae - miles ix.
    City of Capua
    (Capua) - miles xii.

    [611] Total from Aulon (Valona) to Capua 289 miles, 25 changes, 13 halts.

    Change at the eighth milestone - miles viii.
    Change at Pons Campanus
    (over the Savone River) - miles ix.
    City of Sonuessa
    (Sinuessa, Mondragone) - miles ix.
    City of Menturnae
    (Minturnae, on the Liris) - miles ix.
    City of Formi
    (Mola di Gaeta) - miles ix.
    City of Fundi
    (Fondi) - miles xii.
    City of Tarracina
    (Terracina) - miles xiii.
    Change at Mediae
    (Posta di Mesa) - miles x.
    Change at Forum Appi
    (Foro Appio) [pct.35] - miles ix.
    [612] Change at Sponsae - miles vii.
    City of Aricia
    (Ariccia) and Albona (Albanum, Albano) - miles xvi
    Change at the ninth milestone - miles vii.
    To the city of
    Rome [pcts.36, 37] - miles ix.

    Total from Capua to the city of Rome 136 miles, 14 changes, 9 halts.

    Total from Heraclea (Eregli) through Aulon (Valona) to the city of Rome 1,113 miles, 117 changes, 46 halts. [follows]

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