Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


The Dardanelles
The Roman Agora and a Christian basilica at Philippi
The battle of Alexander the Great

The Text: 9. From Heraclea to Valona
    Also from Heraclea (Eregli) [pct.31]through Macedonia.

    Change at Erea (Heraeum) - miles xvi.
    Halt at Registus
    (Resistus, Bisanthe, Rodosto) - miles xii.
    Change at Bedizum
    (Beodizum) - miles xii.
    City of Apri
    (Ainajik) - miles xii.
    [602] Change at Zesutera - miles xii.

    Frontier of Europe and Rhodope.

    Halt at Sirogelli (Syracellae, Malgara) - miles x.
    Change at Drippa - miles xiv.
    Halt at Gypsela
    (Cypsela, Ipsala) - miles xii.
    Change at Demas
    (Dymae, Kaladerkos) - miles xii.
    City of Trajanopolis - miles xiii.
    Change at Unimpara
    (Tempyra) - miles viii.
    Change at Salei - miles vii.
    Change at Melalicum
    (Milolitum) - miles viii.
    Halt at Berozicha
    (Brendice, Brizice) - miles xv.
    [603] Change at Breierophara - miles x.
    City of Maximianopolis
    (Porsulae, Pyrsoalis, Impara, near Gumuljina) - miles x.
    Change at Dio(medes's) stables
    (Buru Kaleh) - miles xii.
    Change at Rumbodona
    (Kurusu Yenijeh) - miles x.
    City of Epirus
    (Topiris, Karaguz) - miles x.
    Change at Purdi
    (Sarichoban) - miles viii.

    Frontier of Rhodope and Macedonia

    Halt at Hercontroma (Acontisma) - miles ix.
    Change at Neapolis
    (Kavala) - miles ix.
    City of Philippi (Crenides, Filibeh) [pct.32] - miles x.

    [604] Here Paul and Silas were imprisoned (Acts 16:23).

    Change at the twelfth milestone - miles xii.
    Halt at Domeros
    (Pervista) - miles vii.
    City of Amphipolis
    (Yeni Keui) - miles xiii.
    Change at Pennana - miles x.
    Change at Euripides (Arethusa, Vrasta) - miles x.

    Here is buried the poet Euripides.

    [605] Halt at Appollonia (Polina) - miles xi.
    Change at Heracleustibus
    (Heracleus Stibos) - miles xi.
    Change at Duodea - miles xiv.
    City of Thessalonica
    (Saloniki) - miles xiii.
    Change at the tenth milestone - miles x.
    Change at the Bridge
    (over the Axius,Wardar Su) - miles x.
    [606] City of Pella (Ala Kilisseh, Yenikeui),
    whence came Alexander the Great of Macedonia [pct.33] - miles x.
    Change at Scurio
    (Cyrius, Cyrrhus, Palaeo Kastro ?) - miles xv.
    City of Edessa
    (Vodena) - miles xv.
    Change at the twelfth milestone
    (Ostrovo) - miles xii.
    Halt at Cellis - miles xvi.
    Change at Grande
    (Florina) - miles xiv.
    Change at Melitonus
    (Dragosch) - miles xiv.
    City of Heraclea
    (Heraclea Lyncestis, Toli Monastir) - miles xiii.
    [607] Change at Parambole (Caste, Nicia) - miles xii.
    Change at Brucida
    (Brucias, Brygias) - miles xix.

    Frontier of Macedonia and Epirus.

    City of Cledo (Lychnidus, Ochrida) - miles xiii.
    Change at Patrae - miles xii.
    Halt at Claudanon
    (Claudanum, Kükëseh) - miles iv.
    Change at Tabernae
    (Tres Tabernae, Juru) - miles ix.
    Halt at Grandavia
    (Diana Candavia) - miles ix.
    [608] Change at the crossing (of the Genusus, Sakumbi Su) - miles ix.
    Halt at Hiscampis
    (Scampae, El Bassan) - miles ix.
    Change at the fifth milestone - miles vi.
    Halt at Coladiana
    (Clodiana, on the Devol Su) - miles xv.
    Halt at Marusium - miles xv.
    Halt at Absos
    (on the Apous, Usumi Su) - miles xiv.
    Change at Stephanaphana
    (Dukanasi) - miles xii.
    City of Apollonia
    (Polina) - miles xviii.
    Change at Stephana
    (Goritza) - miles xii.
    Halt at Aulon
    (Valona). Sea passage - miles x. [follows]

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