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Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


The earliest Christian description of the Holy Places

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Map of Palaestina 


Map III: Palaestina



Reference map
showing the journey
of the Bordeaux pilgrim
in Palaestina



on any locality name in the map
to view the corresponding
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Upon entering Palestine the anonimous pilgrim is shown Mt. Carmel, the spot were the great sacrifice of the prophet Elijah was accomplished. In Caesarea he is able to enter the House of Cornelius, the Roman centurion baptized by the apostle Peter. Instead of following the direct road from Caesarea to Jerusalem, the pilgrim proceeds to Jezreel and then to Scytopolis, Neapolis, Bethel. A long series of Old Testament event is mentioned along this route. After visiting Jerusalem the pilgrim make two excursions: one to the East at Jericho and to the Jordan river, and one to the South at Bethlehem and Hebron.

The Text

City of Caesarea Palaestina (Kaisarieh), that is, Judaea ...[follows]

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