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Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

56. The Holy City Jerusalem - (Jerusalem, al-Quds)

The city is shown as viewed from the air, surrounded by walls. The main streets are porticoed and start from a plaza, just inside the northern gate, where a column is standing alone.
Religious and public buildings are represented with red gabled roofs. The Basilica built by Emperor Constantine on the place of the death and resurrection of Christ presents a big yellow (gilded) cupola to the west and stairs to the east. Before the name of Jerusalem the inscriptions put its new attribute of "Holy City".

Jerusalem (Jos 10:1) of which Adonizedek was king, and then the Jebusites, after which it was also named Jebus, and which David drove away after a long time, and made the city into the capital of Judaea, as he purchased there a place for the temple and left the charge of building it to his son Solomon. Josephus says that this is the city which the Scripture calls Salem, of which Malchizedek was king. It fell into the lot of Benjamin. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 106:1-6; Jerome 107:1-8)

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Photo: The Christian Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem, at nigth.

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