Meeting Christ in the Liturgy: Weekly reflections on the Scriptures of the sacred Liturgy
and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

"You have shown Yourself to me, O Christ, face to face. I meet You in Your sacraments."

--Saint Ambrose

"Noli me tangere", by Giotto


May 1, 2016
Epistle: James 1:22-27; Gospel: St. John 16:23-30.


May 8, 2016
Epistle: James 1:22-27; Gospel: St. John 16:23-30.

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The Communion of the Saints and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


"It appears clearly that those who command things evil are not to be obeyed, especially when, in yielding to wrong commands, in which you appear to obey man, you show yourself disobedient to God, who has forbidden everything that is evil. For it is altogether unreasonable to profess yourself obedient when you know that you are violating obedience due to the superior on account of the inferior, that is, to the Divine on account of the human. What then! God forbids what man orders; and shall I be deaf to the voice of God and listen to that of man? The Apostles did not understand the matter thus when they said, 'We must obey God rather than men' (Acts v. 29)." --St. Bernard of Clairvaux


"But it is neither wise nor laudable to reduce everything to antiquity by every possible device. Thus, to cite some instances, one would be straying from the straight path were he to wish the altar restored to its primitive tableform; were he to want black excluded as a color for the liturgical vestments; were he to forbid the use of sacred images and statues in Churches; were he to order the crucifix so designed that the divine Redeemer's body shows no trace of His cruel sufferings; and lastly were he to disdain and reject polyphonic music or singing in parts, even where it conforms to regulations issued by the Holy See." --Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei

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