Help save the Karen Nation!

A Plea to the International Community

By the Karen Youth Organization

Recent massive assaults by the Burmese Army against refugee camps north of Mae Sot and large scale assaults by Burmese Army units against the Karen in the south of Mae Sot have driven Karen from their homes and villages across the border into Thailand only to face counter measures by the Thai Army forcing the Karens back across the border in to the arms of the Burmese Army.

The Thai Army in carrying out this mandate indicates clearly the non-humanitarian nature of the Thai government in dealing with Karen refugees. It also points up the belief that the Thai High Command and the SLORC are in collusion regarding the Karen people. There is also pressure from the Thai Army for the Karens to sign a declaration saying they are volunteering to return to Burma on their own free will.

Given the long history of the Anti-Karen attitude of the Burmese military towards the Karens stemming from the days of the Karen Revolt in 1949 and the clearly expressed desire in a document drawn up by the military and the government under U Nu called "Operation Aung San" to exterminate the Karens, to which Aung San had no input as he had been assassinated along with his Cabinet earlier in 1947, makes this new drives a further extension of the 4 Cuts program instituted by Gen. Ne Win and now is being extended by the current junta, SLORC, to raze Karen villages and exterminate the Karens.

This attitude of the Thai government in allowing its military to cooperate with the Burmese Army and SLORC forces the conclusion that they both want the Karens exterminated. Eyewitness accounts from the border indicate that there is a concerted efforts by the SLORC Troops (Burmese Army) to pillage, murder, rape and line villagers up before firing squads.

No country, not even a so called friendly nation towards Burma such as Thailand should at anytime tolerate the Burmese Army and SLORC positions. This has clearly becoming a case of genocide and collusion to under any circumstances to participate in these types of actions against the Karen refugees or for that matter any refugees from Burma.

This calls for drastic actions not just by the USA, but by the international community. The country initiating these inhumane tactics (Myanmar) must be dealt with by vigorous measures and if Thailand will not accept this then Thailand will also have to be penalized. The human rights violations being perpetrated are crimes against humanity and the Thais are active collaborators by driving the refugees back into Burma and failing to provide adequate defense for the refugees.

A porous border is an open invitation to illegal and inhumane activity.

The Karen Youth Organization calls upon the USA, Thailand and all nations to act swiftly and resolutely in order to put a stop to the genocide programs carried out by the SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Committee - the Burmese government) and the Burmese Army. If physical force must be used then it must be done for not to defend the principles of Human Rights makes the Rights of all Humanity worthless.

For more information write to the Karen Youth Organization.

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