Open Letter from a Desperate Father

Dear Friends,

I am hereby contacting you in an attempt to make the situation of my hostage-family in Cuba known.

My parents, Isaac and Daisy Cohen, my brother David Cohen, my wife Lazara Brito, and my three small children, Yanelis, Yamila and Isaac Cohen, 13, 9 and 4 years old respectively, are being forced to live in Cuba against their will, without the right to work, and being subjected to psichological pressures an attempt to destabilize them emotionally.

My mother was fired from the job, my wife was detained and taken to the headquarters of the State Security in view of our children, where she was questioned like common criminal. My home was brutally search by 7 goons from the tyranny in full view of my four small children.


My family is hostage to Castro's tyranny. They have visas to travel to the United States, but the Cuban goverment, in open violation of the most basic of human right, keep them against their will, abusing the innocence of three children and the impotence of an two elderly persons and a woman.

How is possible that something like this is happening at the end of the 20 th Century, and the world is passively looking at the criminal who has betrayed and subjected his people to a life of absolute material and spiritual misery, without hope for the future, and no one is doing a thing to put end to such suffering?

I'm asking God and you for help. Help me so that the world may know, once again, what a sick mind is capable of, a man sick by ambition and ego, whose only concern is his own personal trek regardless of the human costs.

Help me so that public opinion can attempt to contain such crimes and abuses, and will not turn into a worse tragedy, in a worse suffering for my family.

My family is not being allowed to work, they live on the funds which we can send, however, this is illegal, and as such their situation is desperate.

It involves the lives of two elderly, a woman and three children.

My children are forced to study a false history, retrograde and unjust doctrines, at school they teach them to hate and resent, and cannot live in freedom. My children want to live with both their parents, to have a happy childhood and are branded by the suffering which is imposed on them by Castro's criminal dictatorship.

I ask that justice be done and that this letter is published around the world.
IT INVOLVES THE LIFE OF AN ENTERY FAMILY, MUZZLED BY TERROR AND MISERY, forced to live in prision without having ever committed a crime other than to want to live in freedom.

My hostage family's address inm Cuba is: Calle 15 # 505 % D y E, Apto. 7 Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

Their Telephone number is: 32 08 03. You can verify the above by calling my family.

Thank you very much.

Jose Cohen

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