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"The Russian Army has been given a free hand to pursue the anihilation of the Chechen people and the systematic destruction of villages and towns on a mass scale" - Valery Borshchov, member of the Russian parliament - March 25, 1996

The Red Army wiped the village of Pervomayskaya off the face of the earth

A typical Soviet mass murder operation reminiscent of Stalin and Beria times...

Please read World News, Notizie dal Mondo or Noticias del Mundo (1/9/96 - 1/31/96).

Write to your Congressman, to the White House or to your national government, demanding drastic actions in order to put an end to the systematic genocide of the Chechen nation.

Demand immediate suspension of all economic and political relations with the Communist mass murderers in Moscow, who have showed at Pervomayskaya their total contempt for the value of the human life.
They have used heavy artillery and Grad rocket batteries to literally burn alive hundreds of human beings, including village residents, hostages and Chechen freedom fighters.
It was a mass murder operation reminiscent of Stalin and Beria times...

On Sunday April 21, 1996, Boris Yeltsin's KGB (aka FSB) murdered general Dzhokar Dudayev, President of Free Ichkeria (Chechnya), a few hours after President Clinton, the presumed leader of the free world, gave the Kremlin mass murderers a free hand by stating that "Chechnya was part of Russia and the war was an internal Russian affair".
On April 25, 1996, the General Assembly of the Council of Europe rendered homage to President Dudayev and to his valiant fight for the independence of Ichkeria (Chechnya).
The FSB arrested Alla Dudayeva, President Dudayev's wife, tortured her for weeks and taped a TV interview in which she declared her "support" for Boris Yeltsin, her husband's murderer, in a grotesque revival of Stalin's NKVD standard practices of 1930-40's, when family members were forced to publicly condemn their loved ones and declare their "love and support" for the murderers. This is Russia's "democracy" of 1996 (or is it still 1936 at Lubyanka?), a "democracy" so strenuously supported by President Clinton and all EU political leaders.

The Chechen nation and the other 143 non-Russian national and ethnic groups enslaved by Russia MUST join the ranks of free and independent nations.

Demand suspension of all economic and political relations with the Communist mass murderers who control the Chinese government; after massacring hundreds of students in Tiananmen Square in June of 1989, they have resorted to staging executions of hundreds (possibly thousands) of human beings every year, after removing their vital organs, which they sell for hard currency.
Communist China has been exporting merchandise manufactured with the use of slave labor for years; nowadays, it has become the main player in the thriving human organs trade.
Communist China subjects its female citizens to forced abortion and pursues a systematic policy of infanticide by denying food, water and basic medical care to female infants in the government-run orphanages.

Russia and Communist China are the last remaining colonial empires, veritable prisons for hundreds of nations and ethnic groups, for over a billion people, including ethnic Russian and Chinese people who are denied the most basic human rights.

World peace is not possible, from Himalaya to the Balkans, as long as Russia and Communist China are still on the map. They MUST and WILL disintegrate; their place will be taken by dozens of new countries which will be easily integrated within the emerging global economic and political structures.

Michael Olteanu, M.S.
Freedom Fighter

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