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Firenze, Basilica di Santa Croce

The Franciscan complex of Santa Croce was designed by Arnolfo da Cambio in 1295. The facade of the basilica was built by Nicola Matas between 1853 and 1863.
Giotto arrives at Santa Croce after the experiences of Assisi and Padova and his compositional language is mature. The color, not the line or the chiaroscuro, is the constitutive element of the reality and of the pictorial construction at Santa Croce.

Il complesso franciscano di Santa Croce fu progettato da Arnolfo di Cambio in 1295. La facciata tricuspidata della basilica fu costruita, tra 1853 e il 1863, da Nicola Matas.
Giotto giunge a Santa Croce dopo le esperienze di Assisi e di Padova, avendo quindi maturato il linguagio compositivo. Il colore, non più la linea o il chiaroscuro, è elemento costitutivo della realtà e della costruzione pittorica a Santa Croce.

- The Basilica di Santa Croce - La Basilica di Santa Croce (74KB) --- small image (22KB) --- large image (246KB) --- detail (large) (281KB)

- The facade of the Basilica - La facciata della Basilica (95KB) --- small image (36KB) --- large image (236KB)

- An interior view - La interiore della Basilica (114KB) --- medium sized image (39KB) --- small image (22KB) --- large image (219KB)

- The altar of the Basilica - L'altare della Basilica (123KB) --- medium sized image (61KB) --- small image (39KB) --- large image (220KB)

- A close-up view of the altar - L'altare della Basilica - particolare (129KB) --- small image (37KB) --- large image (295KB) --- detail (large) (221KB)

- A view of the apse above the altar - L'abside verso la contrafacciata (108KB) --- small image (29KB) --- large image (230KB) --- detail (large) (207KB)

- The sacristy decorated by Taddeo Gaddi, Spinello Aretino and Niccolò Gerini - La sacristia dellla Chiesa (69KB) --- small image (20KB) --- large image (223KB)
--- detail (large) (249KB)
Walking to Calvary by Spinello Aretino and the Crucifixion by Taddeo Gaddi - Andata al Calvario di Spinello Aretino e la Crocifissione di Taddeo Gaddi(291KB)
Resurrection (right) and Ascension (above) by Niccolò Gerini - Resurrezione e Ascensione di Niccolò Gerini(244KB)

- The Annunciation Cavalcanti, relief by Donatello (1435-1440) - L'Annunciazione Cavalcanti, rilievo in arenaria grigia di Donatello (1435-1440) (133KB) --- small image (63KB) --- large image (265KB) --- detail of the angel (large) (261KB) ------ detail of Madonna (large) (290KB)

- Madonna with child, relief by Antonio Rossellino (1478) - La Madonna col Bambino, rilievo di Antonio Rossellino (1478) (112KB) --- small image (40KB) --- large image (204KB) --- detail (large) (204KB)

- Pulpit with scenes from the life of San Francis sculpted by Benedetto da Maiano (1472-1475) - Pulpito con storie della vita di San Francesco (bassorilevo), eseguito da Benedetto da Maiano (1472-1475) (63KB) --- small image (27KB) --- large image (208KB) --- detail (large) (290KB)

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