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Last modified on 1999/1/11.

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This page is dedicated to the memory of Haing Ngor

who was assassinated presumably by Red Khmers in Los Angeles on February 25, 1996. His dream was that the murderers of millions of Cambodians could finally be punished for their crimes.
He is dead, but his hope lives in us.

"...to capture them all, to try them all..." (Aleksandr Solzenitzyn).


We think that it can be interesting to present you some new and unusual idea. It will be in the form of books to be downloaded and printed, or in plain html format to be read with your browser.

We encourage you to write us in order to offer new books and writings regarding the conquest of freedom and justice for every man of the world.

Although authors keep complete intellectual property on the material in this page, you can freely download and distribute it, but you are asked to:



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